Minos 2017 Mini contest results

By | April 28, 2017

On the Sunday of Minos, after a bit of chat, we run a small contest in the 11×11 maze and on a small line follower course. Here are the results

Line follower best times:
David Otten Jehu3 8.67
David Otten Jehu 9.54
Ian Butterworth Asymouse 13.23
Bernard Grabowski Wham Minus 17.8
Duncan Louttit Wham Plus 18.35
Wall Follower best times:
Peter Harrison Decimus5a 31.17
Bernard Grabowski Muso 35.15
Bernard Grabowski Leo 39.5
Emma McCheesy DNF
Ian Butterworth Freda DNF
Maze Solver best score times:
Peter Harrison Decimus5a 6.73
Derek Hall MouseX 6.94
Derek Hall PicOne Turbo 15.81
Ian Butterworth Freda 21.78

I neglected to record the maze layout properly but this is the copy discovered by Decimus as it went around


Interestingly, it took a shorter route home (at lower speed). Presumably it found the other route to be faster. Who knows what they do? The time recorded on-board is always a little longer that that recorded by the timing gear.

The maze timing results are suspect because search penalties seem to be missing on most runs.

Remember that the UK contest scoring includes maze search time and any touch penalties.

Another curiosity comes from running it in wall-following mode. I don’t think I can run it much faster through unknown mazes and yet the dedicated (and, lets be honest, less smart) wall followers are nearly as fast. Some lessons to be learned there I think.

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