As you can imagine, there have been quite a few mice built over the years.

[EDIT 2017] Oh – Looks like I never put any details here. These pages are very old now. Sorry.

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  1. shash

    guys send me programming for micromouse

  2. Michael S.

    Where are the details?

  3. Peter Harrison

    Sorry – I clearly never finished this page. A long time has passed since writing it.

  4. Serdar Aytemiz

    I think Micromouse is the most complicated class in all robot competitions.

    It needs excellent sensory, vehicle dynamics, design and a lot of knowledge of the user in all aspects.

    I think it maybe the main reason it is not very popular in competitions. A suggestion would be to create two or more classes for the event. While it may seem counter intuitive at first it will work. Create a stock class and modified and a pro class.

    Stock will be a class where everything except the user are the same. so same chassis, sensors, motors, tires, “code” etc… it will allow users to experience the class while only tinkering with the parameters.

    Modified will be same chassis dimensions (maybe even the same chassis) but modiefied code, sensors controls etc.

    Pro is for those who make custom vehicles or those who have won Modified class …. same goes for stock. if you win you move on to modified… make space for new comers… (or later you can create a class what is know as a pro stock in rc cars)

    Lack of information is definetely hindering the class. I would love to compete in this class but it is way too complicated for me… Being a Mechanical Engineer, for me, the first time I managed to control my motors in the “wrong” direction was like winning the world champonship.

  5. bob

    Interesting stuff but I think that one hurtle is that there is no reference design (openmouse) that can then be built on. So fi you are a programmer you have to first build the mouse.

    It would be interesting to have a ‘stock’ class where everyone uses the same platform and the magic is in the code.

  6. Peter Harrison

    You are exactly right. There are some designs out there. Search for “basicmouse マイクロマウスの” and “picone micromouse”. But they are pretty old.

    It is on my list to make such a design but time is limited unfortunately.

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