Minos 2011 Report

It is said that the English are obsessed with the weather. That may be so but you should know that MINOS11 took place on a beautiful spring weekend. This annual gathering of the micromouse community at Royal Holloway near London is looked forward to my many was enjoyed by all who attended.


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Minos 2011 Registration now open

Minos is upon us. It is now possible to register for the 2011 Minos event which takes place on April 9th and 10th at Royal Holloway, University of London. Following the success of all the previous MINOS events, we are hosting the eleventh weekend conference on micromouse and other robotics related matters. There will be a competition session on the Sunday.


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Minos 2011 Dates

Just take a short pause in your Christmas preparations and spare a thought for next spring when we will have our annual micromouse and small robot international conference – MINOS 11. For 2011, the intended dates are April 9th and 10th. It is the Saturday and Sunday two weeks before Easter what with Easter being late and all…


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Minos 2010 Draft Schedule

minos micromouse logoWith Minos only a couple of weeks away, we now have a draft programme of presentations. If you have not yet registered, there is still time or you can do so on the day. I’m sure we can squeeze in some more speakers, so if you would like a slot to show off your latest toy then please let me know and we’ll add you. I’ve put a show-and-tell session at the end to allow people to just stand up for a minute or two.


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Minos 2009

The weekend followed its customary pattern with the Saturday consisting of a number of presentations from members of the community and Sunday giving an opportunity for folk to compete in the friendly, but earnest, competition session. The rest of this post has a summary of each speaker’s session and a link to the slides and other media where available.


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Minos 2009 – competition results

Sunday mornings at Minos sees our intrepid robot builders giving their creations a bit of friendly competition on a full size maze. Both wall-followers and maze solvers get to show what they are made of. The full-size maze is pretty big so everyone wants to make best use of the opportunity. Competing on the Sunday is an essential part of the run-up to the main competition in June. Here are the results for the  MINOS 09 event.


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