UK Micromouse at Techfest 2019

The UK Micromouse contest took place on Jun 1st at the Techfest 2019 event. I am happy to report that, from a personal perspective, it was almost entirely without drama. [update: full results are here: ] There was a worrisome moment when the program would not build on the…

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Schools Micromouse at Techfest 2019

On Saturday 1st June the 2019 National Schools and Colleges Micromouse Competition was held by the UKMARS organisation and hosted by Birmingham City University as part of the annual City Centre Campus TechFest event. As usual three events were run: The Drag Race – a 6 metre sprint following a…

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UK MARS autumn micromouse event 2018

The UKMARS Autumn Micromouse competition took place on October 13th at Hazlemere near High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire.

This was the first occasion that UKMARS was able to hold a micromouse competition using its own mazes and tracks and included for the first time an 18×18 cell half-size maze. The full-size maze was built by Duncan Louttit with assistance of Bernard Grabowski. The half-size maze bases were also provided by Duncan with the walls and posts churned out by Bernard using his 3D printer. The timing gear was provided by David Hannaford and Ian Butterworth for the full-size maze events and Duncan Louttit for the line follower and drag events.


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Techfest 2018 – UK micromouse contest

The UK micromouse contest returned once more to Birmingham City University as part of the annual Techfest event on June 9th, 2018. As well as the UK entries, there were also three robots from Nanjing University, China. (more…)

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UKMATTS 2017 Report

The UKMATTS Micromouse competition took place on November 4th at Hazlemere near High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire. The event was organised and run by Duncan Louttit. The maze and line following track were kindly lent to us by Birmingham City University. The timing gear was provided by David Hannaford, Ian Butterworth…

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Line Follower Timing Gear Details

Duncan Louttit has published full details of a new Line follower timing system for use in the UK contests and events. This is a straightforward build that anyone could replicate. His article includes schematics, descriptions and source code. Read all about it at

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Birmingham City University Techfest 2017

Birmingham City University are set to run their seventh annual Techfest at the City Centre Campus, Millennium Point, Birmingham. On Saturday 24 June 2017, the University will be host to a celebration of technology, engineering and science. As with previous events there will be a variety of activities during the day which is expected…

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