Picone builders guide videos

PICone is a very economical micromouse designed by Jim Chidley and Derek Hall. In the 2009 UK micromouse competition, it came fourth in the finals. You can buy the kit from www.picone.co.uk and now the designers have put up a series of videos on Youtube to show you how to build your mouse, tune it for optimum behaviour and modify it for better performance. See them here…


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Japan Micromouse Competition Historical Results

Arguably the most successful Japanese micromouse builder is Itani Yutaka. If you follow the micromouse goings-on in Japan and south East Asia, you will have come across him as the builder of the six-wheeled micromouse known as mm3 and shown in the picture on the left. He posts to a wiki site and recently has added a list of the winning entry for each of the Japanese competitions to date…


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