While I could hardly be called a fan of football, at least getting robots to play the game gives it some character. A recent edition of The Gadget Show had an item from Pollyanna Woodward on the 2010 RoboCup contest held in Singapore on Jun 28th.

Pollyanna give a good overview of the contests and there are some nice action shots, especially of the mid-size humanoids. The video is the entire episode of the Gadget Show (including adverts)  and so, if you find the studio presenters a bit much, skip forward to 2:14 to see Pollyanna Present Robocup.

The video is not embeddable so you will have to follow the link  to Youtube:


You can visit the Robocup site here:





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  1. Anonymous

    It is not new now that we are in robotic era. So i will not wonder if we have an opponents that a team of robots will kick our butts…

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