APEC 2012 was a great micromouse event. Held at the Disney Coronado Springs Resort in Florida, there were some fantastic entries. Derek Hall and Jim Chidley have produced a compilation of the speed runs from the contest…

You may notice that the apparent speed of the mouse does not seem to entirely equate to their position in the results table. Mostly, this is due to the scoring rules which reflect not just the time for that run but also the total time taken to get to that run. Nonetheless – don’t be fooled. There were some very fast mice taking part:

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  1. Rok

    Love the video! Was wondering how it went. Any additional pictures of mice perhaps?

  2. Rok

    Another thing I was wondering. What is your speed and acceleration of your mouse during the search phase and during the run phase?

  3. Peter Harrison

    I just uploaded a bunch of pictures of most of the entries

  4. Peter Harrison

    For what it is worth (in view of its poor performance on the day), Decimus explores at 450mm/s using an acceleration of 3m/s/s and can run reasonably safely down a straight at 6m/s/s acceleration with a top speed of 3.5m/s. Turning corners is not, however, its greatest strength.

  5. Vlada Soucek

    Really wonderfull devices. Just the result order is heavily random. Using ‘total maze time’ adds cca 1s to every next run, forcing you to risk the first and enjoy the rest of 7min. In a maze with 2 similar length paths even ‘search time’ is pointless. Clearly optimal strategy here was to find first path to center, get pronto back to start and do a fastest run.
    There are some cool videos at http://www.youtube.com/user/suhu9379/videos,
    we just have to wait for a result report with times. APEC organizers did excellent one last year.

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