On Saturday June 16th, Birmingham City University holds the second annual Techfest event at Millenium Point in Birmingham. This will also be the 9th successive year that BCU hosts the UK micromouse competition. Once more there will be an International lineup of competitors including St. Josephs Institution from Singapore coming for their 4th visit in 5 years. Almost 600 Schools in Singapore have Micromouse as part of their curriculum – engineering is taken very seriously there!

Also present will be David Otten, of MIT and US Micromouse champion who will be competing in the UK MIcromouse maze-solver competition, against current and former UK champions Derek Hall and Peter Harrison among others. These three have met on various occasions in the past 12 months including Japan, Taiwan and US.

Other competitors are from all over the UK and Europe, all ages from 8 to 80. There will be competitions for maze solvers, wall and line followers, drag racers, robot sumo as well as demonstrations of of antweight robot-wars, bipeds, robot football

Full details and registration will be available at the main Techfest Site:


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  1. Juing-Huei

    Hope that we could be there next year.

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