UK Micromouse 2009 preliminary

IMG_3721 The UK Micromouse championships were held at the Technology innovation Centre in Birmingham on Saturday June 27th. A good number of mice ran this year, some for the first time. The morning practice was a nerve-wracking affair which looked like it would result in another win by MouseX. However, a couple of mechanical repairs, some software tweaks and an unusually fortunate maze configuration saw a new champion emerge…


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Decimus hardware fix

It was all getting too awkward. A bit of short sighted design on my part had the Nokia LCD sharing an SPI port with the motor encoders. This meant that I had to turn off the encoders to write to the LCD. While no motion information would be lost by doing this, it effectively meant that I could not, for example, have the mouse hold position while updating the display. In the end I took it all apart and patched the circuit board so that the LCD is now driven from the SPI1 port and the encoders are on the SPI2 port.


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