The Sanyo Denki 103H546 is a completely standard stepper motor in a size 17 frame. The mounting face is tapped with four conveniently located holes tapped for M3 screws.All we need is a simple way to fix the motor to the base and main circuit board. For that, some kind of right-angle bracket is required. It just so happens that a suitable material can be found (in the UK at least) in your local B&Q DIY store.This is a 10mm aluminium angle section. It is not expensive and comes in 1m lengths. Enough to make a good number of mice. Four identical brackets are needed, cut to the dimensions shown in the diagram. Dimensions are in mm with inch equivalents in brackets. The inch dimensions are important values as they make aligning the motors with pre-drilled circuit board very easy.

Primus motor mounting bracket

These are screwed to the motor face with short M3 screws. You can use dome head or cheese head screws for this job as they will not interfere with the wheels. For a neater job, you can try countersunk holes and screws.

stepper motor on bracket

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