IMG_2526 The Pit Shimizu tyres arrived today.  I had to order them from Hong King and they took a week or so to arrive. These are  PS-0300 according to the label and have 15° Shore hardness. This is a bit harder than the PN racing set that came the other day although they feel much the same. I quickly put them onto the test rig to see what kind of grip they had. I was impressed. When clean, they have a coefficient of friction of about 0.9 and should be extremely good on the mouse – better than the softer PN racing tyres. They seem a little less sticky and so should be a bit less prone to picking up dust from the maze. I shall try them on the mouse in the morning

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  1. Ng Beng Kiat


    I wonder if you can let me know where you get your tires from. I’m using the tires for my mice, Min4A & Min5, but I’ve not been able to source them successfully, even through the internet. I tried, but it’s out of stock.


  2. peteh

    I am afraid that was the only place I could find them as well. I should have ordered more!

    Shimizu Racing have a web shop and the tyres are listed there but it all seemed broken to me.

    Pete Harrison

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