Time to gather the bits and pieces needed to take to the All Japan Micromouse Contest in Tsukuba. First job is to put it all in one place to see how much there is. Too much it seems. The gear is divided into two lots. One package goes in thehold in the main baggage. This is stuff that I could manage without if the bag failed to arrive. The other lot goes with me. This has to include everything I need to run the contest.

This year, I am taking two mice and decided to take a larger laptop. The laptop weighs about 500g more than the little NC10 that I had before. It is too late to change my mind now but I wish I had stuck with the NC10. While it is not so nice to use with its rather mean 1024×600 screen, it is adequate and the size and weight are a real advantage. The carry-with package has to include the laptop charger, programmer and some mains power leads as well as the laptop itself and the two mice.

The airline has a 6kg weight limit for hand baggage. When the mouse kit, camera, ipod, and a paperback are put into my bag and weighed, I have already reached 5kg. That is without personal stuff like clothes. Looks like I am going to have to check in with my pockets full of cameras and electronic doodads. Good thing I decided against taking a full-size SLR. Needless to say, the idea of leaving some stuff behind is out of the question!

Two more days at work then time to leave. Departure will be early Wednesday morning to arrive in Tsukuba Thursday lunchtime. I am very much looking forward to the trip and meeting up with some of the other contestants again.

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  1. Hamed

    I had a bad experience with too much stuff. After a competition, my bag (laptop, mouse, charger, batteries, tools, … were in my bag) fell to the ground and laptop lcd was dead.
    I wish you success in the competition and return to home without any damage.

  2. peteh

    thank you.

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