Here is the first draft of the programme for Minos 2013. Nothing is yet fixed in stone so do contact me if you have any corrections or would like to be included where you have not so far.

10:30 Registration and Coffee
11:00 Welcome and Administrivia
11:10 David Otten -
11:20 - Lessons from Micromouse for Line Followers
11:40 Peter Harrison
11:50 - Contest reports
12:00 Martin Barratt
12:10 - The PICAXE System - Can it Help You?
12:30 Lunch
13:00 Ken Hewitt
13:10 - Instamorph and 3D printing
13:20 Tony Wilcox
13:30 - Tuning of Sensors for Line Followers
13:50 David Hannaford
14:00 - Building the Toyota STEM Challenge and BCU robots in schools
14:20 Peter Harrison
14:30 - Simple turn profile Generation
14:50 Coffee Break
15:10 Bernard Grabowski
15:20 - Formula Minisumo
15:30 Duncan Loutitt
15:40 - Dash 4 - Show and Tell
15:50 Alan Dibley
16:00 - Using Lasers as sensor emitters
16:10 Martyn Pittuck
16:20 - A New Micromouse in development
16:30 Garry Bulmer
16:40 - A Simple STM32 Prototyping Board
16:50 Discussion
17:00 - Minos and Other Events

Minos will be  held at Royal Holloway College on April 13th and 14th 2013.

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  1. Green Ye

    wish you best luck on competing for your new mouse at competition !

  2. Galen

    Hi Peter,

    Is there any chance you will be posting the slides from Minos this year? It’s always fun and
    educational to look through the slides.

    Thank you!

  3. Peter Harrison

    Unfortunately, I was unable to attend but I hope to have copies of all the material soon and will publish what I can.

  4. Galen

    Ah I see, thank you.

    Your scheduled talk on turn profiles looks very interesting, and I look forward to reading about it!

  5. dragonet80

    Most of those talks look interesting. Looking forward for slides, videos or something.

  6. exapod

    Any news on the slides?

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