An STM32F4 Project Template for Crossworks

When developing for the STM32F4, setting up a new project can be a pain. Without some kind of wizard or configuration tool, there are always loads of obscure settings that have to me made each time. The easiest way around this is to make a simple template for the STM32F4 that has all the basic features set up already and then copy or clone it every time you start a new project. (more…)

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Crossworks for the ARM on a mac

After much messing about, I finally decided how to do my STM32 ARM development. While there is a certain amount of appeal in the DIY approach, in the end I just want to write code for my processor and not battle to make sure the tools are properly configured. To this end, I have now paid for a personal licence for Rowley Crossworks for the ARM. This cross-platform toolset and IDE will run pretty much identically on Windows, Linux, Solaris and the mac. The compiler is one of the GCC releases and you get almost everything you need in one hit…


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STM32 and the Segger/IAR J-Link

segger_j_link I finally got a day to play with some of my new toys. These are the IAR STM32-SK and the IAR J-Link debugger.The IAR J-Link is a re-badges Segger unit and I believe they are identical. I was quite excited about having a real debugger to use. – especially as programming the STM32 through the bootloader is a bit of a fiddle. Things didn’t turn out quite as I had hoped…


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