IMG_2886Sometimes the simplest things can be tricky to achieve. Of the several mice I have build, one of the hardest things to find can be a suitable skid for the front and back of the mouse. On the latest micromouse test-bed, the base is several millimeters off the floor. Too much for drawing pins and I couldn’t find upholstery nails to the right size. As I walked through the local market today, there was a haberdashery stall. The kind of place that sells buttons, thread and sewing bits and pieces. They had several kinds of plastic animal eyes. The small black ones in the picture turned out to be just right and the shaft will just take a 3mm nut to hold them in place. Two nuts, or some washers, let you adjust the height exactly. The plastic won’t last very long rubbing against the maze floor but they are only 15p a pair so I bought plenty of spares.

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  1. peteh

    I too have some of that kind of thing but in this instance, I needed about 6mm standoff from the base board.

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