Experimenting with other ways to solder parts.

After the problem with soldering the gyro, I decided to experiment with using a skillet to solder parts (http://www.sparkfun.com/tutorials/59).
Since I didn’t have a solder paste stencil, I experimented with putting down solder-paste freeform.
The end results aren’t that great. I think a solder stencil or some other method of precise, consistent deposition of solder paste is a must.
Top view:
Top view of solder paste and then soldered part:
North West edge:
South West edge:
South East Edge:
North East edge:
There is decent wetting in the end result but the chip didn’t seem to flatten out and sink. I think the solder profile was not steep enought i.e. I should have heated up the board faster.
I was thinking of using a stencil and manually loading all the parts when I make another board (because of the delamination on the first one), but I think I will make a stencil only for the gyro, attach that and then manually solder the rest of the parts.

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