The APEC 2012 contest had a good turnout of mice. There wer, I believe, 19 entries. For some reason, I failed to get good pictures of all of them but here are some images of most of them…


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  1. mog123

    Hey Peter,

    I’ve noticed that some tetra clones in those pictures(Faster than Droid, Excel 8a) used the same motor mounting bracket as Tetra, do you know the part number and manufacturer of them?

  2. Peter Harrison

    Excel 8A is most nearly inspired by Tetra. It is built by Khiew Tzong Yong of ITE in Singapore. He then designed and built a number of other mice for his students to use. In the pictures, these are Robi, Faster Than Droid and Shadow Trexl. Since he designed and made the motor mounts for all these, they will all be similar if not identical.

    Thus, they are not commercially available I am afraid. I could seriously do with getting hold of a couple myself. It would save a whole lot of work. Perhaps we could persuade him to go into production.

  3. grabo

    Are those Faulhaber 1717 motors used for student robots?

  4. Peter Harrison

    I believe they are although I don’t know if they are 3 Volt or 6 Volt

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