Four wheels – good in a straight line, not so good in corners

Decimus 4 is a four wheel micromouse in the same style as so many others that you see now. Until building it I thought I had a good idea what some of the problems might be. I was partly right... Having watched many four wheel micromouse runs since Kato-san so…

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Quadrature encoders with the STM32F4

Most commonly, the speed and direction of the motors in a micromouse or other small robot will be read from quadrature encoders connected to the drive train. One of the great things about the STM32F4 processor is that it can read these directly. Quadrature Encoder Signals A quadrature encoder generates…

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Open Source STM32 Book

Lucky students at Indiana University might like to enrol on the [C - H]335 Computer Structures course run by Geoffrey Brown. If they do, they will be treated to a great introduction to the STM32 processor. The lab manual for the course is freely available to download. The course covers…

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Micromouse sensors aligned the easy way

An essential part of setting up a new mouse is the proper alignment of the sensors.  You micromouse sensors must have the emitters pointing exactly where you want them to and the detectors have to be aligned to get the best possible response. A simple paper target and an Infra Red camera can help get this right. (more…)

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