Expressions of Interest and First Call for papers

I am proposing that we add a workshop day to TechFest2013 to present designs, ideas, analyses of things micromouse and related TechFest competitions.  I would also welcome papers/presentations on the educational value of robotics in schools, colleges and Universities. This is particularly relevant with the upcoming 2014 KS4 curriculum requirements in schools with emphasis being placed on computer science (1). Mobile robotics may be the ideal mechanism for increasing engagement in engineering and computing disciplines.

Workshop date: Friday 28th June
TechFest2013:   Saturday 29th June

This may entail an overnight stay for some contributors, however it will provide an opportunity for a late afternoon practice session and an early start on competition day!

I would like to receive expressions of interest in such an event. I would expect that some (if not all) papers presented will be refereed and published.   Abstracts or outlines of presentations or papers (300 words max) should be submitted by email to


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