Here are the results tables for the senior micromouse events held as part of the 2013 Techfest by Birmingham City University at Millenium Point.

Please note that all results are shown for mice that completed the event but prizes are awarded to people so if an individual enters more than one mouse in an event, they get a prize only for the best of their entries.

Maze Solver Finals:

MouseOwnerBest Score
MING MINGZhang Haoming9.33
HAO HAOWang Ying Hai11.61
HUI HUIWang Ying Hai15.23
Decimus 4BPeter Harrison17.07
PicOne TurboJim Chidley18.61
Mouse XDerek Hall19.68
Mouse X2Derek Hall23.53
Fat Cat 2Tim Foden24.29
Isambard IIMartin Barratt36.07
PicOneJim Chidley40.96
KaasjagerCoen Roos58.12

Maze Solver Fastest Runs:

MouseOwnerBest Run
MING MINGZhang Haoming6.89
Decimus 4BPeter Harrison6.99
HUI HUIWang Ying Hai7.66
HAO HAOWang Ying Hai8.73
Mouse XDerek Hall10.31
Fat Cat 2Tim Foden12.78
PicOne TurboJim Chidley16.21
PicOneJim Chidley30.26
Isambard IIMartin Barratt31.03
Mouse X2Derek Hall43.90
KaasjagerCoen Roos44.34

Time Trials:

MouseOwnerBest Time
Decimus 4BPeter Harrison5.040
Fat Cat 2Tim Foden5.700
QuadraticDavid Hannaford13.820

Junior Wall Followers:

Super Monkey51.700
Micro Ostrich56.670

Senior Wall Followers:

TORCHYStephen Pithouse44.370
ERATICDavid Hannaford82.180
QUADRATICDavid Hannaford84.780
LEFTYKen Hewitt90.910
KittyMartin Barratt118.740

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