UPDATE: Unfortunately, we will not be able to arrange a group purchase after all. Sorry for any inconvenience.

It may be possible to arrange a group purchase of Faulhaber motors. The exact model would be 1717T003SR with IE2-512 encoder. If enough people were interested, the price could come down to about £95 per motor. Pretty good for these motors. If you wanted to join in, send me a message and tell me how many you would want. If numbers are high enough, we will firm up the details. The total order needs to be for at least 20 motors.

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  1. ERC Robotika

    i need a motor dc for my picomouse project, what’s the model or type of motors that i should use to this project ?

  2. Peter Harrison

    That is a very difficult question. How big and how heavy is the mouse? How fast do you want it to go? How much acceleration do you need? Do you have encoders already?

  3. Ryno

    I realise this comment is about 2 years late…

    I take it this minimum order of 20 motors was from EMS Ltd?

    Anyone know where I can get hold of a couple of these motors?

  4. Peter Harrison

    Sorry. The order never even happened anyway. EMS are the only UK suppliers as far as I know. If you do not ned the encoders, there may be other sources.

    For example: glockenankermotor

  5. Ryno

    Just for anyone followings benefit. I had a quote from Glockenankermotor, 112Euro for a motor with encoder, excluding tax and shipping, so roughly 130euro shipped to UK.

    I have a question though, seeing as most top mice out there use a 512bit encoder successfully is there any appreciable benefit to going with 1024, 2048 or even a 4096 encoder?

  6. Peter Harrison

    Within reason, there is nothing to be lost by increasing the encoder resolution. If you are going to invest in motors, a higher count would potentially make for smoother control – especially if, at some time, you decided to increase the control loop frequency.

  7. Ryno

    I’m not there yet. I just recently discovered micromouse and decided its worth investing some time in. Right now I’m just planning on getting a platform with motors and motor control figured out. As these motors constitute a somewhat considerable investment I just want to make sure I make the right purchase now to future proof myself as much as possible. So I guess I basically have 2 question.

    1. 512, 1024 or 2048, which one do you recommend and why? I’m leaning towards 2048 for the reasons you mentioned above but I’m conscious that I might also be overlooking an obvious flaw with my reasoning as like I mentioned I’m just getting started out.
    2. 3V or 6V motor? Some guys are using 6V directly powered by a 2S battery. Some are using 3V, although I cant immediately see the logic there as the 6V configuration provides more torque.

    The forum is closed unfortunately, is there somewhere more appropriate I can post questions like these in the future?

    Your assistance is much appreciated.

  8. Peter Harrison

    Good to hear you are getting started. The forum was closed because it was essentially moribund. The low traffic levels made it no longer worth the ever-changing security risks.

    If you choose a 512 line motor, you can get up to 2048 counts per rotation with full quadrature decoding. The majority of mice use these because that was all there was for a long time. For new designs I think the 1024 count motors are most common. That may just be because the 2048 count encoders are even more recent. Any will get the job done. I think the 1024 count encoders are more than adequate.

    The question of motor voltage is surprisingly tricky. The 3V motor will actually deliver more torque but at the cost of twice the current. If this is your first mouse, then 6V motors with a 2S LiPo battery will be just fine. there is enough performance in that combination to get you up into the top ten non-vacuum mice performance.

    Have a look at the details from last year’s Japan entries and compare the setups they use:


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