imga41f5d38zik8zj A Japanese blog now has pretty complete details of a half size, stepper-driven micromouse. Over a period of only a few weeks, there have been posts covering the mechanical design, software and circuit details of a complete mouse and several videos of it performing in a test maze.As ever, identifying the owner/author of a Japanese blog can be a bit difficult. His nickname on the profile page is k_com and the blog uses the name CPU4EDU.UPDATE: The site owner (Kiyoteru Hayama) has put his personal details in a comment below.You can find his home page here: a single page are the mechanical details and a number of photographs of the mouse during construction as well as a full schematic: on this page is a link to the source code (only about 1000 lines or so) are readily found on YouTube:, budding mouse builders now have another example to follow. This is a simple design and has everything you might need to build a near replica. The processor is an H8. These seem popular in Japan and are readily available on handy plug-in modules. However, the code is all in Ca nd the hardware dependencies could easily be ported to another processor. Only one timer is used and a number of I/O ports along with a few ADC channels.

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  1. Kiyoteru Hayama

    Thank you for the introducion of my web pages.
    The main focus of my page is design of CPU for education, so I used user name of “CPU4EDU”. Also, my nickname “k_com” is the name of simple emulator of 8bit computer.
    I hope you also have interest to my main contents.

  2. peteh

    Thanks for the clarification. You have an interesting site. I was impressed with how quickly you got to a working micr4omouse. I suppose it is not your first.

  3. vamsi

    hello sir,
    the info u have provided i quite useful but its all in japanese that had made all the complexity for learning. could you plzz send the link of the english version of the mechanical design of your bot plzzz its very urgent……for me to learn how you made it

  4. John Seah


    Great site and very useful info on the half size micromouse.

    Can you tell me where can I purchase the half size maze ?

    Thanks in advance !

  5. peteh

    I am afraid I have no idea where to buy those walls.

  6. peteh

    Thank you

  7. Patrick


    I tried to download the source code but the link seems to be broken, could you fix it by any means ?

  8. peteh

    The pages I linked to are all there and working. However, the link withing the page to the source code is what is broken. Perhaps you could ask the owner of the site what has happened.

  9. MaxV

    I sent a request using the form on the rakuten site ( as well as emailed Hayama-san in the hope of getting the file re-posted. However, I can’t be sure if he will get th.
    It’s a shame that the code is no longer available since it would be a valuable learning tool.

  10. peteh

     That is good news. Thank you very much for taking the time to make this possible

  11. David Churchyard

    I’m going to have a go at 3D printing some walls and posts, if I can work out the sizes!

  12. Peter Harrison

    You can find some details about making mazes and walls here:

    There are links to STL files at the bottom of the page. Try a couple and let us know how you get on. The walls may be a little long.

    I will try to add some dimensioned drawings later.

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