More bugs than I need

For a few weeks now, I have been struggling with strange behaviour on the micromouse. This version is Decimus 2C. It is the build that ran (poorly) at the UK contest in the summer of 2012. It did not do well so I have been trying to get it all tidy for the Taiwan contest next week. (more…)

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MCU Car Rally

The line following contest at the annual All Japan Micromouse event is an exciting event. Simple rules, brutal timing constraints and a long, challenging course make for a great competition. While I already knew there were plenty of other robotic contest in Japan, I had not realised there was a whole line following event separate to the one I had seen. (more…)

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Birmingham Techfest 2012 Schools Events

The 2012 National Schools and Colleges Micromouse competition took place on Saturday 16th June as part of the TechFest event at the Technology Innovation Centre in Birmingham. Good numbers of competitors in each event guaranteed keen competition amongst the ever-enthusiastic juniors and it was pleasing to see the trophies spread…

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