Micromouse POV

I can't believe this isn't done more often. Hayama Kiyoteru has put a video camera on one of his mice and set it loose in the micromouse maze. http://youtu.be/DbnPSz3S_x8 Find out more about this here http://plaza.rakuten.co.jp/CPU4Edu/diary/201202100000/.

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Pinion interfering with the tire

When I applied power to the motors on Zeetah VI (ZVI) for the first time, the motors seemed to struggle and the PWM value to get the wheels to rotate seemed higher than usual. Since this was my first four wheel mouse of this configuration (ZIV is a four wheel drive, four wheel steer mouse), I wasn’t sure if the higher load was normal or not.


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Japan micromouse contest 2011 video streams

You could be forgiven for thinking that a micromouse contest - particularly the All Japan micromouse contest - is one of the most photographed and filmed events there are. All day there are cameras going. Pretty well all of the resulting imagery does not get to see the light of…

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