UK Micromouse 2012

The UK Micromouse contest will be held this year on Saturday June 16th at Millenium Point, Birmingham as part of the 2012 Techfest event held by Birmingham City University. Registration will be available on the day from 09:00 and competitions will begin at 11:00. Events include: Maze Solvers Wall Followers…

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Decimus 4 progress – minus a little smoke

It didn't take long to get the first Decimus 4 board on the bench for a build. This first one will serve as a static testbed for code development and sensor testing. After verifying that the power supplies were good, the LEDs, display, buzzer and pushbuttons were added for a…

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Searching for the perfect screw

Here in the UK, we use metric fasteners. When you go shopping for small screws though, the only sizes you can generally get below M3 are old, awkward imperial sizes. Even if you are happy with M3, the variety of shapes and lengths is woefully inadequate. Imagine my delight when I found perfect screws on Amazon of all places. (more…)

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