You almost ceratainly have ceramic capacitors in your micromouse or other project. Are you sure you have them properly specified? Are they actually providing the value that you think they should be?
This tutorial from Maxim Integrated gives an excellent guide to the ways that you can make sure that you take into account temperature, voltage and package to ensure that you select the correct type of capacitor for the performance you need. You may well be surprised by some of the conclusions reached.

The reality of modern, small form-factor ceramic capacitors is a good reminder to always read the data sheet. This tutorial explains how ceramic capacitor type designations, such as X7R and Y5V, imply nothing about voltage coefficients. Engineers must check the data to know, really know, how a specific capacitor will perform under voltage.

via Temperature and Voltage Variation of Ceramic Capacitors, or Why Your 4.7µF Capacitor Becomes a 0.33µF Capacitor – Tutorial – Maxim.

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