In a couple of days, I will be getting on a plane, bound once more for Taiwan. This will be my fourth opportunity to take part in the Taiwan Micromouse contest. Each trip I have a better mouse. Unfortunately so does everyone else. The contestants in this event are the best there are and the pressure is definitely on.

My mouse, Decimus 4B has had a fair bit of work done since its last public outing. While it now goes faster and more reliably than before, it is the nature of the micromouse event that, the more improvements you make, the more you find to improve. So – I now have a long list of things I would like to change but for now, it is best to concentrate on reliability. It is capable of a fair turn of speed though:

Time has run out for all but the most simple of changes and I need to spend tomorrow getting all my gear together and packing ready to leave on Wednesday.

I just looked back at last year’s ‘preparing for … ‘ post. This time last year, I was still struggling with Decimus 2. Thank goodness I retired that and moved on.

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  1. Green

    Good Luck and Have Fun 🙂

  2. dragonet80

    Good look and take lots of photos if you have time.

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