Here are the results summaries for the maze-based contests at Techfest 2014, held on June 28th at Millennium Point by Birmingham City University. 

Junior Wall Followers

SnooksieBethany McDermott29.39
eMouseEleanor Coward30.15
ThunderboltEve Cowley32.51
CrashDaniel D'souza36.36
LightbeamCharlie Boucher40.04

Senior Wall Followers

ErraticDavid Hannaford34.43
BCU TEE-21Yeun Jong Chuo36.17
LEFTYKen Hewitt44.35
KittyMartin Barratt70.96

Time Trials

Decimus 4BPeter Harrison4.26
D-WhizMartin Barratt6.58
BlackChris Balmforth9.29
2 DeeKen Hewitt20.00

Micromouse Maze Solvers

Decimus 4BPeter Harrison17.08
Hao HuiZhang Haoming17.15
Zi HuiZhang Haoming19.11
Hui HuiZhang Haoming19.43
Hui HaoZhou Zhen Gen29.88
Mouse XDerek Hall31.37
Zi HaoZhou Zhen Gen49.48
Pic OneJim Childly57.14
Fab 1Derek Hall59.35
Pic One TurboJim Childly80.85
Isambard IIMartin Barratt118.37
FREDAIan Butterworth129.90

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  1. Gary Bulmer

    I think Bethany McDermott, Eleanor Coward and Eve Cowley should be very pleased and proud. All three of them beat all the adult Wall Followers. So could they have an extra certificate to say so?

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