The 2015 UK Techfest was held at Birmingham City University, Millennium Point on Saturday June 27. With a huge range of contests and entries, there was plenty to keep the robot enthusiast busy all day. Here are the results for the maze-based events:

Micromouse Solver Heats:

Decimus 4DPeter Harrison6.17
HaoHao IIIZhou Zheng8.55
mingming IHaoming Zhang9.23
mingming IIHaoming Zhang9.85
Mouse XDerek Hall12.90
Mouse X2Derek Hall14.33
mingming IIIHaoming Zhang14.99
HongHong IIIWei Lin18.41
FAB1Derek Hall19.37
PicOneJim Chidley22.15
Isambard IIMartin Barratt24.05
Fat Cat 3CTim Foden26.18
HongHong IWei Lin30.54
HongHong IIWei Lin33.33
HUI HUI 1Zhou Zheng46.43
HUI HUI IIZhou Zheng62.83
FREDAIan Butterworth66.91
HuiHui IIIRuimin Yang67.98

The finals maze was 71 squares long with a reasonably good route:


Micromouse Solver Finals:

Decimus 4DPeter Harrison8.96
mingming IIIHaoming Zhang10.78
HaoHao IIIZhou Zheng11.45
HongHong IIIWei Lin14.41
HongHong IWei Lin14.45
mingming IHaoming Zhang14.87
Mouse XDerek Hall18.93
Fat Cat 3CTim Foden23.76
Mouse X2Derek Hall24.76
FAB1Derek Hall25.35
HuiHui IIIRuimin Yang30.47
Isambard IIMartin Barratt48.95
HongHong IIWei Lin69.46
KaasjagerCoen Roos219.60

Micromouse Solver Best Run Times:
the UK scoring system includes a search penalty as well as penalties for touching the mouse. For information, here are the best single run times recorded for mice in the final

Decimus 4DPeter Harrison6.19
HongHong IWei Lin7.30
mingming IHaoming Zhang7.46
HongHong IIIWei Lin7.70
HaoHao IIIZhou Zheng7.88
mingming IIIHaoming Zhang7.93
Fat Cat 3CTim Foden9.62
FAB1Derek Hall12.79
Mouse X2Derek Hall13.53
Mouse XDerek Hall13.72
HuiHui IIIRuimin Yang20.83
Isambard IIMartin Barratt42.87
HongHong IIWei Lin69.46
KaasjagerCoen Roos219.60

Junior Wall Follower Contest:

LegoloverzJames Hope36.72
RobotCop3Lewis Andrews37.71
MacintoshGeorgia Ayew39.28
Monty6000Ollie Walker40.08
E-Nor-MouseRosie Coward41.98

Senior Wall Follower Contest:

LeftyKen Hewitt32.74
E-Rat-ICDavid Hannaford37.13
QUADRATICDavid Hannaford43.20
KittyMartin Barratt62.43

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  1. David Churchyard

    Thank you Peter and well done.
    Thanks also to Chris, Tony and everybody involved in organising the event. A great day as usual.
    Sorry we didn’t see the last run as our car park gates closed at 6pm so we had to leave early.


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