In about 48 hours, I will be on a plane heading once more for Japan to take part in the 2013 All Japan micromouse contest. Pretty well all my micromouse preparation is done. At the contest in Birmingham on Saturday, Decimus ran as well as I could hope and better than I could expect.  A few hours work on tweaking some minor issues and it should be good to go.

This year, the contest is held at a new venue to the North East of Tokyo and the contest organisers have done a splendid job of getting things together. You can find a copy of the contest booklet here:

They have thoughtfully provided instruction in english as well as Japanese so things should involve a little less guesswork this year. Thank you to whoever was responsible for this.

If you browse to the back of the brochure you will see the list of entrants. Make no mistake, the All Japan contest is a big event. The expert class qualifiers alone have 68 entries. There are 126 line followers.

Qualifiers take place on Saturday and the finals are on Sunday. By this time next week, I will be on my way back. Small world.

I am quite excited. As soon as the gas repair guy has my central heating working again, I will begin final preparations. He had best get it done. I will have a hard time explaining to my endlessly patient wife why I am flying away from a house with no heating.


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  1. Green

    Good Luck Peter!
    Best wish for you to get top 10 this year ! I will watch the online live casting(if they have it this year) to support you 🙂

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