Preparing for Taiwan Micromouse 2013

In a couple of days, I will be getting on a plane, bound once more for Taiwan. This will be my fourth opportunity to take part in the Taiwan Micromouse contest. Each trip I have a better mouse. Unfortunately so does everyone else. The contestants in this event are the best there are and the pressure is definitely on. (more…)

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Schools micromouse report Techfest 2013

The 2013 National Schools and Colleges Micromouse competition took place on Saturday 29th June as part of the TechFest event at the Technology Innovation Centre in Birmingham. High Wycombe schools provided 19 competitors and used their long-standing association with this event to good effect.  There were also entrants from Whitley Academy, Coventry and from Reading Bluecoat School. (more…)

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All America Micromouse Contest – May 26th, 2013

The annual event All America Micromouse Competition is taking place on Sunday, May 26th, 2013, from 9AM to 5PM at Engineering IV building room 53-125(tesla room) at UCLA campus. Entries are open to all college students, including both graduate and undergraduate students in United States and entry is free. For more…

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APEC 2013

On Monday, March 18th 2013, the 27th APEC micromouse contest was held in Long Beach, California. This mid-winter break, to what is frequently a warm, sunny location, is another chance to catch up with some of the best micromouse builders in the world and see how you measure up against them. For the last couple of years, I have not done so well but I think this year’s mouse – Decimus 4 – may see a bit of a change in fortune. (more…)

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Four wheels – good in a straight line, not so good in corners

Decimus 4 is a four wheel micromouse in the same style as so many others that you see now. Until building it I thought I had a good idea what some of the problems might be. I was partly right... Having watched many four wheel micromouse runs since Kato-san so…

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Quadrature encoders with the STM32F4

Most commonly, the speed and direction of the motors in a micromouse or other small robot will be read from quadrature encoders connected to the drive train. One of the great things about the STM32F4 processor is that it can read these directly. Quadrature Encoder Signals A quadrature encoder generates…

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