Measuring Moment of Inertia

The moment of inertia of a micromouse is a useful number to know. It tells you how easy or hard your mouse will be to turn and lets you calculate an appropriate value for the angular acceleration during the lead-in and lead-out of the turn. Indeed, you may find out the upper limits or what your mouse can achieve. the race is, after all, won in the turns they say. So, how can you find out what the moment of inertia is for your mouse?


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Japan 2010 Practice day

CIMG3016Friday is practice day. Well, half day would be more accurate. In the afternoon, the venue is open and the mazes and practice circuits are laid out for anyone to test their robot’s basic functions. Everyone is busy setting up, making sure things work as they should and getting a good look at the other entries. Since we had the morning spare, we went an watched the Real World Robot Contest first…

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Japan 2010 – The Journey Out

The time had come. Get on a plane fly east to see what the the world’s best micromouse builders can produce. It is not all micromouse of course – there are line followers and autonomous metropolitan robots – all sorts of things. This year, I must pay more attention to some of the other contests. It is a fair trip. Door to door was about 22 hours and if you include the time before it is possible to check in to the hotel, it comes to an even 24 hours. Arrival in Tsukuba was at 12:15….


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ROBOtic09 results

On Saturday November 28th 2009, we held out our semi-formal winter event for the micromouse and small robot builder. Held at Millennium Point in Birmingham and made possible by Birmingham City University, this is an ideal opportunity to get in a bit of mid-year competition and size up the opposition before those long winter nights of robot building and tweaking…


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